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Familiarizing readers both our legal system and information available to you is my goal. One of the most useful instruments available to all, is the Costa Rica FOLIO REAL system, or electronic property information system. Just a click away, you can verify the status of your registered properties, any where in the world.

The new refurbished web site of the Costa Rican National Registry is:


Having reached the system, you may access the information to your property either via the number of the property, id number (passport, corporate id) or the name of the owner. The easiest and most direct way of accessing should be via the FOLIO REAL number, which is the unique number of the property, assigned using both the Province and the property number and the amount of registered owners. The number should look as follows: 1-123456-000 (Province – property – registered owners from 000 (which is one owner- to 999 possible co-owners!)

Other information you will find in the report that the system produces: the location of the property, the boundaries –as registered- the ownership information –including date of purchase, any annotations that property has –which are basically advising third parties of changes being applied and in the process of registration, liens, survey number and mortgages.

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