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Asset Management


Legal counsel in acquisition, protection, and administration of assets

Ithe searching process for products that allow the investors to maximize and protect his real estate investments and other assets, is that we offer the following specialized services. These products are intended to give peace of mind to the investor once he has decided to invest in Costa Rica. Title search guarantees current up to date information of a property

Recorded document search

Aprospective buyer or an investor, who may want a legal opinion before you start negotiations for a property, the RECORDED DOCUMENT SEARCH is your option. Thanks to this useful tool that we have at your disposal, you can learn all the background of a property even before you start negotiating it. Also you will know if the property you are interested in, has the legal disposition for the future development.

Property monitoring:

For those investors, that can’t constantly be checking their properties we offer the property watch on a registry level. Thanks to this service the client can feel safe that he would have an early warning if some try a registry fraud against him, giving the chance to immobilize the property before it is stolen. For more information Contact us.

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