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Corporate Law

Corporations in Costa Rica


To Create a Company in Costa Rica


hat use would it had to create a company with a great capital investment, furniture, industrial implements, machinery, etc., if it doesn’t have permits or licenses; if the commercial operations are not backed up; if the industrial property rights are not protected; if there is no compliance with the tax obligations, with the consequence of receiving a monetary sanction; if the debtors’ obligations are not duly guaranteed; in other words, if your operation is irregular due to lack of knowledge or negligence in the compliance with the valid judicial ruling?

Corporate Law is a specialized discipline which shows the structure from which a company can be formed in order to adjust the organization and its activities to the in-forced judicial norm, due to the complex characteristics that imply its creation, functioning, development and relations with other entities.

To have a complete knowledge of the norms approved by the Costa Rican governmental offices, allows us to achieve the goals you require for the constitution of a corporation.

Corporate law gives us the theoretical and instrumental tools that act directly upon the creation, organization, operation and control of the companies.  The judicial foundation of the entrepreneurial activity is fed by theories, institutions, principles and texts that come from different branches of the law.

Corporate Law is responsible for:

  • Labor matters
  • Tax subjects and the payment of tax obligations
  • Brand registration or copyright
  • Intellectual property
  • Financing and relationship with banks
  • Constitution of companies
  • Selling of companies
  • Fusions and dissolution of companies
  • Deals, agreements and contracts
  • Notary and legal advice

Our purpose is to avoid conflicts with the local legislation, facilitating business deals; our goal is to satisfy our clients’ needs, give them an expert and selective service, with flexibility, and overall, a service mentality.

Our corporate law focus is fresh and innovative.  With more than 25 years of experience, we help our clients to manage the implied risks of bringing their business to the country in a safe way, without obstacles and with professional diligence.

Arturo Blanco has a Master’s Degree in Corporate Law, knowledge that allows him to deepen in his legal advice and counseling to local and foreign companies.  His experience as a corporate legal advisor let him guarantee his clients the legality of their commercial transactions and the solidity of their corporate structures, as well as explain them the existing local means to manage a company in Costa Rica.

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